Young, Female & Forgotten: Louise's Story

Monday 17 July 2017


During our research project into Economic Inactivity we have been talking to young women across the country about the reality of their day to day lives. 

Here, Louise* shares her experiences: 

LouiseAt the moment I am not working as I am looking after my young daughter and caring for my Dad who is ill. I care for him because my Mum is working full time. My Dad needs me more than I need a job at the moment, he needs a lot of help. I don’t claim benefits, my partner supports me financially.

I feel fine about my situation but I wish people understood the reality of my life, people think you’re lazy if you don't go to work but they don't realise everything I do. At the moment my life is my family. 

I think the caring responsibilities I have should be valued just as much as paid work.  It's still something I do every day and it probably adds up to more hours a week than a paid job anyway! People get paid to work as carers and to me whether you care inside or outside the home it should be valued equally. It’s a shame others don't think the same way.

Maybe in the future when my daughter goes to school full time I will find a job. I wouldn’t be able to work before then anyway as the childcare costs are far too high for us.

When I do return to work I would like to work in the childcare industry where I already have my level 2, I love children and that's what I want to do.

It is important for young women like me to be listened to as we are all individuals, we all have different situations and circumstances that affect the choices we make in life. 

*Name has been changed for anonymity