Nothing is Impossible: My 'Work It Out' Journey

Wednesday 12 July 2017

TinaHaving arrived in London from Greece just a year ago, I faced many difficulties with my job hunt. I knew the area of work I wanted to go into was competitive when I arrived, but I wasn’t prepared to face the tiring application processes required by each job. I found them to be long, complicated and felt that without support I would not be able to keep going. 

Just when I thought that I might give up, Work It Out by Young Women’s Trust came along and gave me the belief that I can manage and nothing is impossible. 

My coach, Jenny, has been friendly and professional from the very beginning. It has been so nice to hear a friendly voice every month, and feel that someone is there to care about my progress. With Jenny on the other end of the phone, I felt confident to express my dreams and imagine them being fulfilled. 

Jenny was able to quickly understand my personal situation and always on hand to offer timely and practical advice to help me towards my aims. She put me in contact with recruitment agencies, which I would not have been able to find for myself. More important than this, she gave me ideas that I would never have thought of and helped me see things from a fresh perspective. 

As well as all the help I have been given from my coach, Work it Out staff also helped me to make a professional CV, amended my cover letter and made me feel that I was prepared to apply for a variety of jobs. Every staff member I have met or spoken with has been totally professional, knowledgeable, caring and understanding. 

The coaching sessions have been very flexible, which has given me the opportunity to work at my own pace. They’re even available at weekends! Work It Out staff are constantly striving to provide the best possible service. They always ask for feedback and consider your opinion on how to make the service even better! 

After my positive experience with Work It Out, I have decided I would like to become part of the organisation. I have become a Work It Out Ambassador, trying my best to help other young women to follow their dreams. I know from my own experience just how difficult it is to search for work with no support, and I want to do whatever I can to help other people in similar situations. 

I would strongly recommend any young women reading this, to give Work it Out a go. There are so many things to get involved with, and so many supportive and encouraging people to meet that I am sure you will have only positive experiences.