We've Arrived

Friday 22 November 2013

Introducing Young Women's Trust

Young Women’s Trust has arrived - we are a charity with a proud history and a new focus. Evolving from YWCA England & Wales, formed over 150 years ago, we’ve done some fantastic work in improving lifelong opportunities for young women but we are now refocusing our resources.

We want a society that respects and listens to young women. We want to make a difference to young women’s lives.  We’ll do this through campaigning work, testing new ways of delivering services and by involving young women in helping us understand the everyday issues that affect them the most- from financial pressures to emotional wellbeing.  But we can’t do this alone; you can support Young Women’s Trust practically and financially, so young women have the opportunities they want and deserve. From next week you can read our inaugural report “Young Women - The Real Story” as well as  watch our new animation film both featuring the voices and first-hand accounts of the women we work with.  Help us break the myths about young women; follow us on twitter, like us on facebook or sign up here.