Young Women Respond to Budget 2017

Wednesday 8 March 2017

We asked young women their thoughts on Chancellor Phillip Hammond's 2017 Spring Budget. Here's what they had to say:

Noor“It's great the Budget looks at getting young people into skilled jobs but there's still a lack of job security for young people generally. This is something that the government needs to address to really help young people.”Noor Kalumba



Noor“It's disheartening to see, on International Women's Day, how little the budget reflects the future of young women."

“As a young parent, Most of the time it's already a struggle to make ends meet, with the rising costs of private rent and living expenses. there still seems to be no promise of a secure future.” - Laura Davies


Noor"With the continuous rise in living costs and even less hope of financial stability than my parents, the idea that I can save money and get on the housing ladder feels far-fetched. It doesn’t really feel like the Budget has much in it for young women like me, which leads me to feel even more disconnected to central government than ever before."Glynn Davies


sophie2“An increase in inflation will push working families like mine, which are just about managing, over the line. That scares me, especially when salaries are not increasing! I want to be able to wake up and not worry about which bill to prioritise, but with this I guess I'm going to fall into more debts.” - Sophie Kathir