Inspired by the Marches? Five ways to take action

Monday 23 January 2017

Emma FThis weekend, several million people around the world joined women-led marches in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington. People of all ages took to the streets with placards and banners. The marches sent out a message of defiance, made headlines and gave people a feeling of hope and unity. 

But what now? What can we do once we've finished looking through the photos and enjoying the best slogans?

Here are five things you can do to take action and create change if you've been inspired by the Women's Marches:

1. Meet Others 

Find events and groups to attend and join in your area - use the search tool on Women's Grid:  

Or if there are no groups or events where you live - create your own! See UK Feminista for useful resources:

2. Get Reading

Read writing from a range of voices, from independent blogs like Gal Dem: and The F Word: to sites like Broadly: and The Debrief:

And if there's no-one writing the things you want to read - write it yourself! 

Get tips for blogging here:

3. Write a Letter (/email!)

Find out who represents you locally and nationally (e.g. MPs, Councillors) and get in touch with them about issues that you care about - from global affairs to local women's services. 

Find out who you should contact here:

Read our guide to writing to your MP

4. Speak Up

Got something to say but nervous about public speaking? Get tips and resources from the Speakers Trust here including video tutorials and downloadable guides: and be brave!

5. Join Us 

Get involved with Young Women's Trust. If you're a young woman aged 16-30 with current or experience of living on low or no pay you could join our Advisory Panel or Facebook group - find out more here:

If that's not quite you but you want to get involved you could become an or spread the word about our campaigns: 

Start today! 

In the words of Malala: "Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow's reality."