2017: A year of high hopes and aspirations

Friday 13 January 2017

Kerri new'As one door closes another door opens ' (Alexander Graham Bell). As we close the door on 2016 we openly welcome 2017. Most of us will always remember the events of 2016. America elected a new President, London got a new Mayor, Theresa May stepped in as the second ever female Prime Minister of the UK and most probably the biggest event of all for many of us, Britain voted to leave the EU.

Aside from those events 2016 was a great year for Young Women’s Trust (YWT), full of progression and positive movements, some of the many highlights were:

For me personally 2016 was a year of blessings, but not without its tests. I struggled with being out of work for a brief period (again). But with much steely determination I secured a position in late October at a housing association which I am so grateful for.  

I also continued my work with YWT, I completed a one year traineeship where I learnt lots about working in a charity. I appeared on London Live twice, spoke at the Apprenticeship Campaign launch event and launched a support network with a good friend and former YWT advisory panel member, Noor. I also presented at the Women Of the World (WOW) festival about the gender pay gap with Abby, entered young women from the advisory panel into a vlogging competition - which panel member Eleanor was a finalist for, and spoke at Fawcett Society’s Spirit of Women event with Angela. 

Just like many women, I have high aspirations for myself this year, I aim to progress in my career with the hope of finally entering into my chosen career path, I want to re-discover my love of blogging and blog on a more professional level and myself and Noor aim to relaunch our support network and create real change for young women in our community.

I hope that YWT continues its impact with projects like the Apprenticeship Campaign to get more organisations to not only sign the pledge, but to ensure that they truly value young women and work to eliminate the inequalities that exist between female and male apprentices in some organisations. I also hope that the Work It Out (WIO) service continues to grow and support more young women to progress in their lives.

Lastly I would like to see some drastic changes in the affordability of houses and accommodation for young people (though I know this is wishful thinking). As I now work at a housing association, I have already posed the question of 'what are we doing to ensure housing is made more affordable for young people?'

We made great strides in 2016 and I know 2017 will be a year where we continue to raise the profile of YWT and continue to make positive changes for young women in England and Wales.

I would love to hear about your hopes and hopes for other young women, why not drop us a tweet using #YWhopes2017.