No Country for Young Women: Glynn's Story

Wednesday 28 September 2016

glynn 2Every week I check my upcoming work rota with baited breath. Will I have to pick which bill I’m able to pay this month or will I be graced with enough hours of work to cover the basics I need to run my household? It's a constant source of anxiety and has left me dependent on the ‘kindness’ of my manager.

I feel confused as I think about my current situation. I am an educated 26 year old desperately trying to prove myself worthy of the hours I need to survive in a city I call home.

Whilst I am lucky to be in work and try not to let my financial difficulties overshadow this, like the 28% of other young people highlighted in Young Women’s Trust’s new report who are worried about not having enough paid hours, I too constantly worry about my monthly income. This affects my self-worth, how I feel about my job and my future prospects. It makes me feel like I'm locked in a room with no doors or windows to escape from. 
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