Joining the YWT Family

Thursday 25 February 2016

Young Women’s Trust are looking for more young women to get involved with the charity. One of the fantastic voluntary opportunities we have on offer is to join our advisory panel!

We asked past panel members Jenny and Kerri a few questions about how they got involved and why they think others should too!

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How did you get involved with Young Women’s Trust and then the advisory panel?

Jenny: I first got involved as I heard about Work It Out at the jobcentre. Through speaking with my amazing coach I was referred to join the panel as she thought I would be a good fit and benefit from it a lot - she was right!

Kerri: After using the amazing Work It Out service, I was informed by Lydia (participation manager) of the advisory panel. Meeting other young women from across the country, hearing and sharing personal experiences whilst being able to acquire free training was amazing.

What has been your favourite part of being on the panel?

Jenny: I think the residential weekends are my favourite part. They are great weekends with a fantastic group of young women. We learned a lot, had lots of fun, and I feel we really got to contribute to the direction and voice of YWT going forward.

Kerri: Meeting the other young women on the panel and the training opportunities which I wouldn't have otherwise had. Setting up a local group which has the potential to create positive change at a local level, and meeting my friend for life, fellow South East Londoner, Noor and our long eventful nights at the residentials when all the girls would come into our room for a natter.

What skills have you gained and how have they helped you in your everyday life, work or training?

Jenny: I've gained SO much confidence, as well as public speaking, campaigning and vlogging skills, a platform to blog and share my views, access to decision makers to tell them what I think, and the knowledge that I am not alone in the struggles and challenges I face. It's given me experience for my CV, as well as helping me feel confident enough to chase my dreams and reach further, both personally and professionally. I'm now starting out as a freelance writer/journalist and I don't think I'd have the confidence without the support and opportunities I've gained through YWT.

Kerri: Vlogging training which I will be using soon and most importantly the confidence I have gained as a result of the things I have been able to do through the panel and with YWT – such as speaking on live television! I have been committed to the panel for two years and YWT continue to be committed to the cause of young women.

Why do you think young women should join the panel?

Jenny: Not only will you gain skills, experience for your CV, support and training opportunities, but you will also gain an incredible new group of friends. I think there's something magical about YWT meetings - we're all about lifting each other up, speaking out on issues we're passionate about, and defining what it really means to be a young woman in this country.         

Kerri: Because one, there is nothing to lose, and secondly you will be presented with amazing opportunities. You will also gain lifelong friends and learn things you wouldn't otherwise have learned. You are part of the YWT family forever, a community in itself. I would urge all young women with relevant experience to join the panel, the memories and the experience was like no other. I'm a better young lady thanks to the YWT advisory panel.

If you're a young woman (16-30) from England or Wales, who has experience of being not in education, employment or training (NEET), stuck on low or no pay or with few or no formal qualifications, you could join our advisory panel or the YWT Lounge Facebook group

Or if you are outside our age range or not directly affected by these issues you could become a Young Women's Trust Ambassador!