Working it out

Monday 20 July 2015

VictoriaLast year I completed my teacher training in secondary dance and performing arts. Despite being really passionate about it, I had a very difficult year where I was constantly berated and told I wasn't good enough. I persevered through my course and was elated when I completed it, however it took away much of my self-confidence along the way, and I began to second guess my decisions and ability.

After completing my course, I was told I would be unable to teach dance due to my medical condition. By this point I was completely confused and unsure which direction I would follow and what I would end up doing as a career, and I felt I had no options.

After a while I decided to start looking for jobs to see what was out there and the types of jobs I could redirect myself into with my qualifications. I found some jobs in schools, youth work and charities working with children, but wasn't sure I was qualified or good enough to apply for them, so kept putting it off.

A few months later, I was on Facebook and came across an advert for Work It Out. I read the information underneath the link and I decided I had nothing to lose by clicking on it and having a look. I honestly thought it would be another waste of time link and I'd have to pay loads of money for something that wasn't even what I was after.

The advert took me to the Work it Out website where I looked through all the information, and then sent off my details to arrange a call with a coach. After a few days my coach sent me a friendly text to introduce herself and arrange a time to speak. During our first conversation we had a general chat about what was going on in my life, things that I thought were possible barriers to finding employment. My coach was incredibly encouraging and throughout our conversation she made me feel less anxious and helped me see things from a more balanced and positive perspective.

After all of the individual conversations, my coach would follow up with texts and emails to see how I was doing. My coach is such a wonderful person to have encouraging and supporting me. No issue is too small and insignificant for her to discuss and help me with.

After the time spent working with my coach I have work over the summer, and although I don't yet have a job for September, I understand that I have an awful lot to offer and contribute. I am much happier and more confident about myself, my skills and the whole process of applying for jobs. I really don't know where I'd be if I hadn't found out about Work It Out.