David Cameron & the gender pay gap

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Carole3"David Cameron’s commitment to consigning the gender gap to history is welcome, but it will not address the reality that women are much more likely to be stuck in low paid jobs.  

Young women are still being funnelled into sectors such as caring, retail and beauty, and it is this that creates the greatest inequality. "Widening girls' horizons" will not work unless there is a commitment to removing the barriers that prevent them from moving up the well-paid career ladder.

Thus we need to provide affordable and accessible childcare options. The Prime Minister recognises this, but 30 hours of free childcare is not enough, and it is only available to parents who are working, not those studying to try and get those better jobs. The lack of affordable and accessible training opportunities after 18 is undoubtedly another barrier.

If Mr Cameron wants more women to break through the glass ceiling he must first ensure that they get a helping hand off the sticky floor."