How I found a future

Wednesday 3 December 2014

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When I graduated from university I had a plan – apply for as many law related jobs, save up for law school and become a barrister. This has been my dream since I was ten years old, some people at that age would have said a pop star, but for me law was always my dream career.  

I had worked hard during education, got some experience behind me and had the drive. However, I did not realise how hard it would be to find a job and the impact unemployment would have on me emotionally and physically. 

I was determined to make my dream come true or at least get my foot into the legal career. I applied every day for jobs before graduating, and every day after. Months passed and I had not even managed to get one interview. I had to face up to the sad reality - I had no job and no money, so I signed on at my local Job Centre. With the Job Centre I continued to search for jobs, but every day that passed with rejections or no replies I felt my motivation was starting to deteriorate. I only left the house if it was job related, I rarely saw or spoke to friends as I felt ashamed of being unemployed and I was losing weight rapidly because of the pressures and stress. That is how much unemployment had affected me, I was not only jobless but lifeless.  

I wasn’t hopeful for the future. At the start of 2014, like many people do, I made a New Year’s Resolution. I decided that I would adopt a more positive approach to life, and coincidentally around this time I was I was approached by Young Women’s Trust at my local Job Centre. Instead of ignoring the information stall, I stopped and spoke to two members of the Trust and I feel it was the best decision I have made this year. 

I got involved in focus groups and then became a member of the Advisory Panel where I got to meet other young women in the same predicament as me who understood the turmoil of unemployment. I got to speak about my situation without judgment. YWT also made me realise that I was worth something. I realised that being unemployed did not define my future and it did not define me.  

The confidence I gained helped me in subsequent interviews and I ended up landing three interviews in one week and then getting a job in the legal career I love.  

Young Women’s Trust have given me and many young women a voice, given me new friends and given me the hope that I do have a bright future ahead.