Online Fundraising Ideas – Support our Emergency Fund!  

Friday 24 April 2020

We know that young women are already economically vulnerable, the impact of the coronavirus on work and earnings is making it even harder for these women to pay rent, bills and feed their families. We want to provide immediate relief to help them cope, so we are fundraising for an Emergency Fund which will provide grants to young women in need.  

If you want to get involved and raise money during lockdown we’ve compiled a few ideas of how you can help us to support vulnerable women from your own home.  

Save your Summer  

Recreate a few of the summer’s staple events and raise money  

festivalDIY Glastonbury Link up with your friends online and organise a festival asking each one to ‘pay’ for a ticket. You could arrange for people to perform or put together a shared playlist you can all enjoy. Glitter is not compulsory but definitely encouraged.  

Wimbledon Challenge Encourage your friends to film themselves completing a tennis challenge, in exchange for an ‘entry fee’. Challenges could include most times you can bounce the ball with your bat, or - if you have the space and a partner – compete for the longest rally.  

Fifa Challenge Lamenting the loss of the 2020 Euros? Challenge your friends to an online Fifa tournament instead and ask them to pay-to-play.   

Eurovision Song Contest Gather a group on a video call, allocate each entrant a country and ask them to perform a song, you can ask them for a donation to play. Don’t forget to award points for wardrobe, dance routine, and hair and makeup for maximum effect.  

Retro TV Challenges   

Switch off the telly and recreate the challenge instead 

Tonight Matthew … Channel your inner popstar and host a pay-to-play Stars in Their Eyes where you challenge your friends to make their own transformation videos.  

ready steady cookReady Steady Cook: Isolation Edition You’ll need two cooks (Red Tomatoes and Green Peppers) and an online audience who will donate to view. Chefs can live-stream their cooking from their own kitchens, don’t forget to hold an audience vote to decide the winner.  

Virtual Come Dine With Me Invite some friends for a virtual dinner party and ask them to donate to play. Decorate your dining area, get your webcam on and cook something ‘special’ from your store cupboard, making sure to each plan an after-dinner game. At the end, score each person marks out of ten.  

Get the Gang Together  

Utilise the classics to create some donations 

Virtual Pub Quiz Choose a quiz master or ask each team bring their own round, don’t forget to make a donation to play. Grab a drink and some snacks and get competitive!   

zoomFeminist Film Club Gather a group together and ask for a small donation to watch a film with great female characters. Then have a natter about it online - you just need to add popcorn.  

FAB Club (Female Author Book Club) Pick a book by a female author and then meet virtually to discuss it over a cuppa. All you need to do is ask for a small donation to attend.  

Pay-to-View Skill-Share Session Brighten a friend’s isolation and get together online to share your yoga tips, baking skills or even host a crafternoon.  

 Office Challenge  

Keep the office fun whilst working from home  

Sponsored Conference-Call Forfeits Ask for sponsorship to wear something daft to all your video conference calls this week.  

Send-a-Smile Challenge Donate £5 to Young Women’s Trust in a colleague’s name and send an email to tell them about it. Encourage them to do the same and pass on the nice-olation vibes.  

Virtual Office Olympics Gather your teams, set some challenges, and donate to play. For indoor-Olympics inspiration think hallway long-jump, darts, javelin or weight-lifting. Synchronised swimming in the bath anyone?  

Don’t forget to share your fundraising challenges with us on social media - we’d love to see what you are up to and how you’re standing in solidarity with young women. You can set up a fundraising page or make a donation. Every penny will go towards our Emergency Fund for young women in crisis