What young women think about our big funding announcement

Monday 2 September 2019

We are beyond excited to announce that Young Women’s Trust has been given £255,250 from Comic Relief’s Power Up funding programme! 

Over the next 3 years, we will use the funding to build a national movement of 1,000 young women. They will campaign to remove the barriers they face accessing, sustaining and progressing with work.  

Our Advisory Panel members featured in the video that helped us win the funding: 

the video that helped us win the funding

We asked 4 of them, Nicola, Mattea, Nia and Lauren for their reactions to the news.

What excites you about the project? 

Nicola: Everything, but mostly getting more women involved and more women aware that things don’t have to stay the same. We have a voice and together we are powerful. 

Mattea: I am excited for this project as it will allow Young Women's Trust to access and support so many more young women, and undoubtedly help them! This will be a key factor in enabling us to campaign for change. 

Nia: I love the idea of so many young women having the opportunity to express themselves and bring this issue front and centre.

Lauren: I’m excited about this project because like any other project the Young Women’s Trust do I know they will put 110% into it to try and push for a change. They’re working on issues so close to young women’s hearts and give young women such a loud and powerful voice! 

CR announcement blog image

Nia, Mattea, Nicola and Lauren

This project will be co-created with current and former Advisory Panel members. Why is that important?

Nicola: Young women with lived experience must be part of the creation team. We are experts by experience. It would be disempowering and wrong not to include current and former advisory panel members. 

Mattea: I think it is important for any community focused project to have input from the target audience. As young women we know what we need, and know our situations best. We can hopefully provide pointers of what would be the best way of reaching out to other young women in our situation, or what would be the best tools to help us. 

Nia: You can't make changes on behalf of young women - they need to be involved in the process.

Lauren: I think this is really important. In the application video panel members spoke about the charity and how getting involved has changed their lives. Some of the women who are on that video aren’t part of the panel anymore, like myself, but I know they would still love to be part of the project to further their voices more! It’s always amazing to have the panel involved in the charities projects as it gives real insight into the struggles that we’re actually facing and ties us back to the core of the organisation. 

The project will also engage young women through peer-led activities. What difference do you think this will make to young women getting involved for the first time? 

Nicola: Being in a room with someone who ‘gets it’ and who has lived it is very powerful. That community understanding is something which cannot be reproduced without lived experience. It also shows this project is dedicated to improving young women’s lives, not just telling young women what to do/how to live. 

Mattea: I think this will be less intimidating for the young women, along with empowering everyone involved. It will give the panel members a chance to utilise the skills they’ve gained as representatives of Young Women’s Trust and continue to make a difference, while inspiring others and showing that there is hope no matter their past or current situation. 

Nia: It's a lot less intimidating to see people who were in your shoes not only taking part but leading activities.

Lauren: I think this would make a difference because the young women will be able to relate with the panel members more as they have been/still going through the same experiences and situations. 

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