How we’re involving young women in plans for our new website

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Sarah S ChaseHi there, Sarah here. I’m the Digital Transformation Lead for the Young Women’s Trust.  
I’ve been thinking about making changes to the Young Women’s Trust website: what we want and what is really important.  

One of the most important things is to include ideas and opinions from young women. So, last week I ran a workshop.  

14 women from across the UK came along. We did some activities together and got creative with stickers!  

Dogs on skateboards 

For our workshop icebreaker, we all shared our favourite websites, social accounts and what we liked about them. Lots of people learn and get motivation from YouTube – and we all love funny pictures of animals!

Party invitations  

I wanted to find out what young women like and enjoy about the Young Women’s Trust so we can reflect that in our website. 

We imagined that the Young Women’s Trust was a party. How would we describe the party to encourage other people to come along? 

Supportive, accessible, fun, friendly and empowering were all words that came up. I'll make sure we keep these in mind for anything new we create online. 

party invite and group shot

What matters most and big ideas

Then, we did a prioritisation activity. We took a list of website features and put them in order of what matters most.  
Finally, we got creative with some ideas. The challenge was to come up with suggestions for a new website – and they could be wild and crazy! There were lots of great suggestions from animated emojis to a team YWT dog!   

Next steps  

I'll be taking the workshop outcomes and using them to help write a brief - a short document that sets out what we want from our website.

Interested in getting involved

Here are 3 ways you can get involved in the Young Women's Trust digital project

1) I’d like to know more about what inspires you online. Tell me more in this short survey
2) Got a really good idea for the Young Women’s Trust website? Put it in the digital suggestion box
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