Working on website designs with young women

By Sarah, Young Women's Trust • 1 September 2020

During August, we’ve been looking at the draft designs for our new website homepage. In this blog Sarah, our Digital Transformation Lead talks about how we’ve been including young women in the process and they tell us why it is important for them to be involved. 

It was exciting to receive the second version of designs for our new website homepage. Young women had already given valuable feedback on the first version of the designs and I wanted to include them again in the ongoing process.

Everyone likes different things, so I wanted to hear lots of different opinions. This allows me to look for trends on likes and dislikes which would help perfect the design.

With the help of our Participation team I planned a workshop and invited members of our Advisory Panel.

Why did you decide to join the workshop?

Annie: I wanted to help out and give something back as Young Women’s Trust has helped me so much.

Zoe: I wanted to take part because I want to make Young Women’s Trust more accessible online.

What happened in the workshop

Before the workshop, I sent through the top secret designs to everyone who had signed up so they could take a look.

We used Zoom to run our workshop, so once we were all assembled and had made our introductions it was time to share my screen. I talked through the designs and pointed out anything I particularly wanted feedback on.

Then it was time to chat. We all shared 3 things that we liked. Then we all shared 3 things that we didn’t like or had questions about.

We also looked at particular features of the design and explored our reactions.

Why do you think Young Women’s Trust should collaborate with young women on the new website design?

Annie: It’s important to make sure that it appeals to the right audience.

Zoe: Young women are at the heart of everything Young Women’s Trust do – and that includes the website design.

I am really enjoying working with young women on our website and it will be all the better for their input. It helps me to make sure the website reaches the young women it is there for.

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