Life changing support from Young Women’s Trust

By Louise • 28 November 2019

Louise explains how being supported by and believed in by Young Women’s Trust led to opportunities for her to develop both in her personal life and at work.

When I came across Young Women’s Trust I was at my lowest point. I didn’t think it could possibly get any worse. I had just escaped a marriage because of domestic violence. I was forced to move miles away from home and had to care for my two-year-old son on my own, away from anyone and everything I know. It was the first time in my life that I was on my own. It was incredibly isolating.

At a loss about what to do

My son and I had nothing, I didn’t even have the means to find work. Trying to use a library computer to find a job with a two-year-old to look after was just impossible! I didn’t know how childcare would work or what I wanted to do.

This is where Young Women’s Trust changed everything. They gave me the tools and self-belief that would change our lives.

It really was the first time I felt like someone actually cared about us in a long time. At last I felt like I could do something positive to help me and my son.

Taking steps towards my future

First, I did a short course in counselling that I really enjoyed and so applied for a Social Psychology degree with the Open University. Young Women’s Trust really has been the start to all of this, without their support none of this would have been possible.

Since studying I’ve also started a job working at Manchester Crown Court. It was such an amazing feeling when I found out I got the job! I can’t even describe how I felt dropping my son off at nursery on that first day, putting on smart clothes and getting the tram into work. Going off to do something important – none of that would’ve been possible a few months ago.

Improved mental health

And it’s not just my job or my degree that has helped – it’s what’s happened to my mental health that has made the biggest difference. My self-esteem has just grown so much.

I want to thank everyone at Young Women’s Trust for giving me that opportunity. Someone having belief in me has just completely changed my outlook I thought the world was against me. I was stuck in my anxiety and my low self-esteem.

That one opportunity I was given has just snowballed into so many other opportunities. It’s the belief and support that goes with being given a chance.

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