How young mums want to be appreciated on and beyond Mother’s Day

By Young Women's Trust • 19 March 2020

This Mother’s Day we’re joining the celebration and appreciation of mums. And we want to make sure it goes beyond one day of the year – this feels more important than ever.

We asked 5 amazing young mums how they’d like the government to ensure young mums are celebrated and valued on and beyond Mother’s Day. Here’s what they told us.


To feel valued as a mother would mean recognising and embracing the many skills I’ve gained both in and out of the workplace. When I became a mother I gained a lot of strength and power that I never knew I had. This drives me to keep fighting for a better future for my daughter Alayah and to ensure we can both reach our full potential, despite the unrealistic options I am given regarding childcare.


I would like the government to ensure that young mums are celebrated and valued on and beyond Mother’s Day by putting more funding into childcare. With universal credit being all about getting people into work (particularly mums), childcare funding needs to be re-looked at. Funding options available for children under 2 years and more funded hours available per week for 2 year olds is a must!


This Mother’s Day I’m asking the government to re-evaluate the way childcare funding is paid for student parents, to enable us to access the tertiary education needed to establish financial security for our children.

I want to see the government ensuring that the Family Nurse Partnership is accessible in all Local Authorities to support young mothers.


Raising children equips us with essential transferable skills like multi-tasking and strong communication skills. This Mother’s Day I’m calling on the government and employers to recognise these invaluable skills we mums have so that they’re treated equally to work experience when it comes to applying for a job.


For Mother’s Day I would love for the government to take motherhood seriously. We need affordable childcare, flexible working options and parenthood at the heart of policies. As a young mum we are constantly underestimated when it comes to our power and strength. We need to be listened to.

Our young women’s manifesto highlights some of the ways that mums feel unappreciated, held back and unable to reach their potential.