Harness the New Year energy

By Carole, Work It Out Coach • 15 January 2020

Work It Out coaching is a telephone coaching service to support young women aged 18-30 with building skills and strong mental health. Carole is one of our professional coaches who has worked with Young Women’s Trust for several years. Here she talks about why January is such a busy time for the service and a great time for young women to sign up.

January is always a busy time for us at Work it Out. We get double the amount of young women signing up to our service than in an average month. This made us curious about why this might be the case, so we took some time to look at our data and talk amongst ourselves to reflect.

Often in the run up to Christmas there are many distractions and pressures on our time. Even those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas in a big way, or at all, can find ourselves getting caught up in that energy. Employers know this and many do not advertise jobs in the second half of December.

Once the New Year begins, job adverts start to get released again and there are a few months before any other bank holidays or school holidays. Business as usual begins! For many people there has been the opportunity over the holidays to reflect and take stock and think about what they want for the year – the same process that launches many a New Year resolution.

Looking back through the comments young women make when they sign up, it’s clear that for some the motivation to change is to move “away from” something, for example “I feel stuck!” whereas for others it’s to move “towards” something, for example “I want to find a job that I’m happy in and that challenges me”.  For others still, it’s pragmatic e.g. seasonal contracts coming to an end or the wake-up call that they are entering their final year of school or college and it’s time to decide what to do next!

Whatever the reason, January is a great time to harness the “New Year, New Start” energy and sign up for Work It Out coaching by Young Women’s Trust.

Coaching can help you

  • Figure out what is the right job for you,
  • Make a plan to get into the job or sector you want to work in
  • Find your way into more fulfilling work
  • Move into work for the first time
  • Return to work after a break

And, in my view most importantly, coaching will help you believe you can make the change you want to make; this might be through helping you identify your strengths and skills, acknowledge what you have already done or with managing those doubting thoughts in your head.

My tip for making the change you want for 2020

Set your intention, believe you can make the change and remember it’s likely there will be ups and downs on the path to what you want. When there’s a wobble or things don’t feel like they are moving as quickly as you’d like, you haven’t failed! Don’t beat yourself up for what is simply being human.

Kristin Neff, a professor at the University of Texas, has extensively researched the topic of self-compassion and found that when we relate to ourselves in this way, we are likely to pick ourselves up get back on track with our goals more quickly than if we are hard on ourselves.

Treat yourself like you would a good friend who is having the same setback or wobble – be understanding and encouraging to yourself.

Work It Out coaching is a telephone coaching service which supports young women (18-30) with work. We can help with everything from interview preparation to identifying skills and planning next steps in life.