3 things we have done to improve our digital accessibility

By Sarah, Young Women's Trust • 29 October 2021

In this blog Sarah, our Head of Digital shares what digital accessibility means to Young Women’s Trust.

Digital accessibility is important. Every day, most of us complete tasks on our phones or on a laptop. If we cannot complete these easily, it can be so frustrating.

That is why at Young Women’s Trust we spend a lot of time thinking about online accessibility. We want to make sure that everyone can use our website to find the information they need, and find out how we support young women and campaign for a fairer future. We also want to make sure that everyone who follows us on social can enjoy what we post.

3 things we have done in 2021 to improve our digital accessibility

  • We have added transcripts to every video on our website
  • We have started including image descriptions for all the posts on our Instagram grid
  • We have changed the way we use emojis on Twitter and in our newsletter. We want to make sure they are as accessible as possible for people using screen readers

Our digital team are committed to learning. We are always searching for simple, cost-effective ways we can make our digital output really easy to access. We attend training sessions, read lots of blogs and we also pass on our knowledge to the whole team. In the next few months we will be running a writing for accessibility training session for all our colleagues so we can share tips and ideas.

We know we are not perfect. There are still lots of ways we can improve but we are excited to keep learning so as many young women as possible can get involved with Young Women’s Trust.

If you would like to talk to the Young Women’s Trust digital team about accessibility, or give us some feedback, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us on digital@youngwomenstrust.org