Valuing unpaid work

Young women’s unpaid work keeps families afloat, supports job opportunities for others and drives economic growth. 

Every day young women are told to work for nothing. Caring, cooking, cleaning and making sure everyone else is OK.

We don't think it's OK that all this important work is being ignored. Help us show government and politicians how much young women are worth. 

How much unpaid work do you do?

It's time to value the unpaid work that women do. Add up your unpaid hours so the government sees that #YoungWomenCount.

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Our research

Designed, conducted and analysed by young women peer researchers currently in unpaid work, our research offers an insight into the unpaid work that young women do. 

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The most striking thing that I heard when interviewing women was ‘If I don’t do it, nobody else will’ -the women I interviewed often had this response whether there were others who could help out or not. I feel that it is a huge responsibility for women to juggle several roles as well as their own lives.
Tayah, young woman peer researcher