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Your opportunity to support young women into work and out of poverty today.

advisory panel 2016"The women I have met through the charity are some of the most inspiring women I know. Being a part of the Futures Fund gives a sense of solidarity with those women and my contribution is to help support financially the programmes that enable a new start for young women. The Futures Fund is not about traditional models of patronage but truly an exchange and sense of shared purpose - to provide a real future for women.” Hannah, Futures Fund member.

Young women are facing a crisis

Too many young women across the country are unemployed or trapped in low paid, insecure work.

Imagine how hard it is, not knowing whether you will be able to make ends meet every month. Struggling to afford basic things like clothes and food and worrying about how to pay the rent. It leaves young women feeling isolated and anxious about their future.

Young women have a strong desire to work but face many challenges – such as lack of education and social support, poor mental health or a difficult home situation.

You can support young women into work and help make the workplace fair and accessible for all young women by joining the Futures Fund.

The Futures Fund is a charitable initiative powered by Young Women’s Trust which provides practical support to young women to help them to find work. The Fund helps them to secure a reliable income and fulfil their potential which enables them build a positive, self-sufficient future.

glynn quoteTo join the Futures Fund we ask you to make a monthly donation of £50.

You can make a difference

The Futures Fund gives you a unique way to contribute.

Your donations will fund our coaching service for young women. The service helps young women take practical steps to find work, such as preparing for a job interview. It also helps them to build their self-esteem, identify their strengths and broaden their aspirations. This is particularly important for young women, who so often report that a lack of confidence is their main barrier to finding work, and who have been encouraged to work in a very limited number of occupations.

Unlike other employment support services or helplines, our coaches provide personalised support over six months at a pace and at times that suit the young women.

You will be providing a young woman with someone she can rely on to help her take the next step in her working life, often when she has no-one else.

As a Futures Fund member, you can:

  • Know where your donation is spent and the impact it has. 
  • Connect with the women you are supporting. 
  • Attend special events with like-minded people. 
  • Learn about the challenges facing young women at work. 
  • Take part in research and campaigns to make the workplace more accessible for all women. 

Join us today and become an Advocate for all young women.

Together, let’s give all young women the future they deserve.

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