Join the Futures Fund

You have the opportunity to transform the life of a vulnerable young woman by joining the Futures Fund.

There are over 1 million young women living in poverty in the UK because they are unemployed or are trapped in low paid work. The effect of poverty on these vulnerable young women is devastating.

I grew up with no money, there is no pretty way of saying it. I was poor. It wasn’t pleasant. The mixture of poverty and the burden of caring for a parent on my own took its toll. Not having money or support sucks, it really doesn’t build character or gumption. For me there were no birthday parties, no holidays, no hobbies, no school trips, no nothing really.” Rosie.

Young women like Rosie struggle to buy basic things like food, clothes and rent. Being unemployed, in debt and worried about their future also takes a serious toll on their mental health, causing them to be anxious, depressed and lack confidence.

Often these young women have no one else to turn to. And without support now, the long-term impact can be crippling.

You can transform the life of a young woman by joining the Futures Fund today. As a member you can choose to make a donation to support one, two, three or more young women.

Your donation will provide a young woman with up to six coaching sessions from a professional coach, trained to work with vulnerable adults. The coach will help her to build her confidence, deal with the challenges she faces and learn practical skills and tools to find work. You will also provide her with support from an HR professional to give her detailed and personal feedback on her CV to enable her to make the most of her experience.

To join the Futures Fund and support one young woman it costs £25 per month or £300 as a one off donation.

Your donation will go directly to providing these vital services for a young woman. Your support will make an immediate impact by giving her someone she can turn to and building her confidence. But your support will also support the young woman in the long-term, by helping her find work and take back control of her life.

Rosie has now found employment as a criminal clerk and has gone back to university to study. Her prospects, confidence and hopes for the future have now vastly improved after receiving support from Young Women’s Trust.

You have the opportunity today to give more young women like Rosie the opportunities they deserve.

 Join the Futures Fund.

The young women I have met through the charity are some of the most inspiring women I know. The difference between me and the young women is that, by chance and good fortune, I have had more opportunities in life. Being part of the Futures Fund give me a sense of solidarity with those women and my contribution is my way of helping to give them a new start. The Futures Fund is not a traditional way of giving but a sense of shared purpose – to provide a better future for women” Hannah, Futures Fund member.

As a member you will receive monthly updates about the young women you are helping. You will also be invited to meet the young women you have helped once a year, an opportunity to see first-hand the difference you have made.