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For over 1 million young women in the UK, poverty isn’t a way of life - it’s a life sentence.

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Unemployed or trapped in low paid work without access to advice or training, every tentative step forward they take on their own can feel like three steps back. The effect of poverty is devastating, not just on their prospects but on their mental health as well- it’s hard to believe you’re good enough for anything when the world keeps telling you you’re nothing.

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Young women like Rosie struggle to buy basic things like food, clothes and rent. Being unemployed, in debt and worried about their future also takes a serious toll on their mental health, causing them to be anxious, depressed and lack confidence. The root of these challenges is often outside of the control of women like Rosie, with factors such as where they grew up, caring responsibilities, being denied the opportunity to gain academic qualifications or mental and physical disabilities playing a decisive role. With no one to turn to, the long-term impact can be crippling. Remarkably though, a small change can be the key to transforming a life. 

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You can transform the life of a young woman like Rosie by joining the Futures Fund.

As a member you can choose to support one, two, three or more young women. As a Fund member your donation will provide a young woman with coaching sessions from a professional coach, designed to help her to build her confidence, learn practical skills and tools to find work, and to deal with the challenges they face along the way. You will also provide her with detailed and personal feedback on her CV so she can make the most of her experience. 

A gift of £300 or £25 per month is all it takes to change a life.

Fund members can feel confident that every penny of their donation is going directly to our vital services. 

Your support will make an immediate impact by giving women like Rosie someone she can turn to. Not only that – you’ll also support her in the long-term to find work and take back control of her life. 

Following her coaching sessions, Rosie has now found employment as a clerk in a criminal court and has gone back to university to study. Her prospects, confidence and hopes for the future have transformed completely, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of people like you.

Rosie is one of the lucky ones, but there are still thousands of young women struggling to find the key to a brighter future.

You can be the one to unlock the door for them by joining the Futures Fund. 

Hannah - Futures Fund webpage quoteAs a member you will receive monthly updates about the young women you are helping. You will also be invited to meet the women you have helped once a year, an opportunity to see first-hand the difference you have made. 

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