It's (still) a rich man's world: YWT Annual Survey 2018

Our 2018 annual survey, It's (still) a Rich Man's World, once again shows that young women remain more likely than young men to be
affected by job insecurity, money worries and debt. 

annual survey 2018

The facts

Our report, based on our annual Populus Data Solutions poll of more than 4,010 18-30 year-olds in England and Wales and 1,105 54-72 year olds in England and Wales shows that:

  • Millions of young women are being let down in workplace
  • More than a quarter of young women say their financial situation has got worse in the past year
  • Young women’s mental health concerns are skyrocketing
  • Sexual harassment is still not being dealt with
  • Employers are ignoring gender pay gaps.
  • Gender discrimination is rife
  • Women bear the brunt of low pay, with debt levels increasing
  • Equality is a long way off but there is still hope of achieving it.

Read the report here