'Scarred for Life?' Inquiry

Scarred for Life Infographic

The Facts

  • The latest figures show that there are 428,000 women aged 18-24 who are NEET

  • Over the last 12 months an average of 18.3% of young women aged 18-24 were NEET at any given time

  • Women who are NEET between the age of 16 and 24 are likely to be unemployed for an average of 36 months before their 30th birthday

  • Women who are unemployed in their youth can expect an average salary of only £8,647 when they are 30-34 years old

  • The cost of youth unemployment was over £10 billion in 2012

Key findings

  1. Many more young women than young men are NEET, they are NEET for longer and the impact is deeper

  2. A step change is needed in the way young women’s worklessness is addressed. This report shows that the vast majority want to work - even if they are parents or carers – and society will benefit from their contribution

  3. We need government and others to commit to making a difference for young women. This includes making sure all those who need it get a second chance instead of being written off at 18

Key recommendations

  1. Give young women a chance 

    • Providers of training, advice, guidance and support need to be more effective in getting young women into reasonably paid secure work.

    • Opportunities for vocational training need to be funded and more accessible for young women up to the age of 25.

    • Support needs to be provided for young mothers and carers to enable them to work or study

  2. Somebody needs to own the problem 

    • A new Minister for Youth Employment is needed, who should have a comprehensive understanding of the specific hurdles facing young women.

    • Effective local and regional leadership is needed and should include Local Enterprise Partnerships(LEPs)

  3. Take gender into account 

    • Detailed NEET data should be published nationally, regionally and locally

    • Local plans should be developed to create jobs, along with services to support young women who are NEET