Our research highlights the real experiences of young women. They are at the centre of our research, telling their stories and acting as peer researchers.
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Peer research

Picking up the pieces

This year we needed to know the impact of the coronavirus pandemic to understand what life is really like for young women in 2020. This research gives a unique insight into the economic, mental, and emotional impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Partner research

Young Women and Economic Abuse

Our report, Picking up the Pieces found that around 1 in 10 young women reported experiencing forms of economic abuse. This briefing explores the data on economic abuse in more detail and links to support and resources from Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA). 

Partner research

On the edge

Young women living in London face a triple threat of disadvantage, they are more likely to have lost their job, be shouldering unpaid work and experiencing mental ill health.


Impact of sexism on young women's mental health

This study shows a clear link between sexism and young women’s mental ill health including long-term impact, and therefore the urgent need to tackle sexism in all its forms and locations from the earliest point possible.


Childcare: what young women want

An hour’s childcare is, for many, more than an hour’s wages. The system is unaffordable, confusing and inflexible, leaving many mums struggling financially and unable to work.


Young women's mental health in crisis

This report, published on World Mental Health Day 2019, shows a sharp increase in the number of young women worried about their mental health, with more than half saying that sexism is a major problem and work and money worries are making them ill.