Young Women's Manifesto

An announcement by young women who won't wait any longer for economic equality. 

We've launched a manifesto for young women’s economic justice so that young women can unleash their talents and ideas to build a grassroots feminist movement. 

Young women have written this manifesto together. Together, let's make it a reality.

  • We stand shoulder to shoulder with all women, no matter their race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic background, disability, neurodiversity, gender identity, or sexual orientation. 
  • We cheer our common ground and shared experiences. And we embrace and celebrate our differences. 
  • We always seek to succeed by the power of our campaigns and our arguments, never by silencing those who have different opinions.
  • We make room for all voices and allow a safe space for everyone who wishes to debate in good faith.
  • We recognise that women's rights are human rights and that no-one's rights can come at the expense of others'.
  • We share our experiences both to demonstrate difficulties and to show our resourcefulness and courage. 

Read the manifesto [pdf download] >>

This manifesto includes some amazing ideas about how we can change the system to make it easier for young women who, like me, often have to overcome huge challenges to fulfil their ambitions. 
Mattea Sykes, Advisory Panel Member