Local Networks

Local Networks

About the Local Networks Pilot

In November 2015 we launched a pilot to set up Local Networks around the country.

Eight of our Advisory Panel members are working together to set up groups in their areas. These local networks are run by disadvantaged young women, aged 16-30, living on low or no pay and facing discrimination. They hope to raise awareness about the issues they face, challenge negative stereotypes and influence policy and practice at a local level. In addition to this they also spread the word about the services we provide and campaigns we run at a national level.

If you would like find out more email Lydia: lydia.morgan@youngwomenstrust.org

Local Networks near you

We are currently piloting local networks in Doncaster, Harrow, Haringey, South East London and Plymouth Plus.

By joining a local network you will develop the skills you need to advocate and campaign for positive social change in order to support disadvantaged young women living on low or no pay in your area. It’s also a chance to make new friends, build your confidence and have loads of fun!

If you are a young woman aged 16-30, living in one of these areas and are currently or have recent experience of living on low or no pay – now is the time to get involved.

Send an email to your local Network Leader to find out more:

Young Women's Trust Doncaster
Chloe Magee and Hollie Williams, Network Leaders
e: ywtdoncaster@gmail.com

Young Women's Trust Harrow
Sophie Kathir, Network Leader
e: ywtharrow@gmail.com
Twitter: @YWTrustHarrow

Young Women's Trust Haringey
Leanne Hall, Network Leader
e: ywtharingey@gmail.com
Twitter: @YWTrustHaringey

Young Women's Trust South East London
Noor Kalumba and Kerri Leung-Sykes, Network Leaders
e: ywtsoutheastlondon@gmail.com 
Twitter: @YWTrustSELondon 

Young Women's Trust Plymouth Plus
Chloe Mielek and Emma Maitland, Network Leaders
e: ywtplymouthplus@gmail.com
Twitter: @YWTrustPlymouth 

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