Young Women's Trust in the News

Here is a selection of our recent news coverage:

20th September 2017: Young people 'face debt epidemic', BBC

20th September 2017: Quarter of young people in constant debt as prices increase and wages stagnate, finds study, Independent

20th September 2017: 51% of young women have to borrow to make cash last until payday, The Guardian

4th September 2017: Female HR directors 'more likely to view workplaces as sexist', Independent

4th September 2017: Workplace sexism survey shows 'disturbing' gap in male and female perception, The Guardian

18th August 2017: Young people should 'think twice' about university - Frank Field, BBC

15th August 2017: Workers are 'begging managers for more hours' as millions struggle with flexible contracts, reveals study, Independent

11th July 2017: May relaunches premiership with new protections for gig economy workers, The Guardian

11th May 2017: Number of workers dependent on zero-hour contracts jumps 13% to record 905,000, Independent

4th May 2017: What Britain's Young Single Mums Are Up Against, Refinery 29

12th April 2017: Real wages could soon FALL despite Tories boasting of soaring employment, The Mirror

28th March 2017: Nearly half of young mums skip meals as they struggle to feed their children, survey reveals, Independent

28th March 2017: Half of young mums skip meals to provide for their children says shocking survey, The Mirror

7th March 2017: Apprenticeship pay gap: gender stereotypes are holding women back, Guardian

9th January 2017: One in four young people 'not in control of their lives', study finds, Independent

8th January 2017: Millenni-hell, The Times (behind paywall)

30th November 2016: Young women face barriers that shut them out of employment, says report, Yorkshire Post

30th November 2016: More Young Women Than Men Are Being Locked Out Of Work, Research Shows, BuzzFeed

30th November 2016: Nearly 300,000 young women 'shut of out' of the job market due to a lack of Government support, Independent

30th November 2016: We’re missing a trick if we don’t help forgotten young women into work, The Times

30th November 2016: Young women 'shut out of jobs market' by lack of support, BBC News

15th November 2016: Humiliating job centres are failing young women, The Telegraph

22nd September 2016: Reasons why young women feel life is 'on hold', BBC

22nd September 2016: Young Britons living in 'suspended adulthood', research finds, The Guardian

24th May 2016: Don't turn student recruitment into a battle of the sexes - Dr Carole Easton, The Guardian

28th April 2016: Is it time for a women's trade union? - Dr Carole Easton, New Statesman

28th April 2016: Do young women really have it harder today? The Telegraph

17th March 2016: Jobs for the girls: female apprentices needed to fill UK skills gap, The Guardian

15th March 2016: Career advice: My apprenticeship isn't working out how I planned - what should I do?, The Telegraph

14th March 2016: Women lagging behind in race for apprenticeships, The Guardian

14th March 2016: Industry bosses in 'skills gap' warning as national apprenticeship week starts, Daily Mail 

11th March 2016: Comment piece from Baroness Sue Nye, How women are falling behind in the race for apprenticeships, New Statesman 

14th February 2016: Labour MP asked young women why they don't vote - and they were brutally honest, The Mirror

14th February 2016: These Young Women Who Have Never Voted Should Worry Labour, BuzzFeed

1st February 2016: The Peter Pan Generation : Why 20 something women just can’t grow up (Clock Turns Back Report covered), The Debrief

13th January 2016: Dr Carole Easton speaking with Belinda Brown on survey findings based on YWT’s annual report ‘ Clock Turns Back for Young Women’  on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour

13th January 2016: Letter to the Editor, Dr Carole Easton re. impact of EU referendum on young Britons, The Daily Telegraph

8th December 2015: Article about YWT Advisory Panel member, Sophie, 'Superwoman' wins top award championing rights of young mothers, Watford Observer

2nd December 2015: We have to Encourage Young Girls to Aim HighThe Pool

29th November 2015: Young Women have more traditional views on gendered jobs than older generationsThe Daily Telegraph

25th November 2015: Comment piece by Professor Sue Maguire, Young, Female and Economically Inactive: Why It's Important to Look Beyond 'Youth Unemployment' FiguresHuffington Post 

9th November 2015: Female Apprentices have been working for free since October 28thBBC Newsbeat

15th October 2015: Programme on Apprenticeships (one of our young women is featured in this programme) Low Pay Britain, Channel 4 

8th October  2015: Comment piece by Abby McGrory (YWT trainee and Advisory Panel Member), Under 25 and Undervalued, Huffington Post