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3rd April 2018

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30th March 2018

5th March 2018

28th February 2018

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21st December 2017

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25th October 2017

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29th September 2017 

20th September 2017 

4th September 2017

18th August 2017 

Young people should 'think twice' about university - Frank Field, BBC

15th August 2017 

Workers are 'begging managers for more hours' as millions struggle with flexible contracts, reveals study, Independent

11th July 2017

4th May 2017 

What Britain's Young Single Mums Are Up Against, Refinery 29

12th April 2017 

Real wages could soon FALL despite Tories boasting of soaring employment, The Mirror

28th March 2017 

7th March 2017 

Apprenticeship pay gap: gender stereotypes are holding women back, Guardian

9th January 2017 

One in four young people 'not in control of their lives', study finds, Independent

8th January 2017

Millenni-hell, The Times (behind paywall)

30th November 2016 

15th November 2016 

Humiliating job centres are failing young women, The Telegraph

22nd September 2016 

24th May 2016 

Don't turn student recruitment into a battle of the sexes - Dr Carole Easton, The Guardian

28th April 2016 

17th March 2016

Jobs for the girls: female apprentices needed to fill UK skills gap, The Guardian

15th March 2016 

Career advice: My apprenticeship isn't working out how I planned - what should I do?, The Telegraph

14th March 2016 

Women lagging behind in race for apprenticeships, The Guardian

14th March 2016 

Industry bosses in 'skills gap' warning as national apprenticeship week starts, Daily Mail 

11th March 2016

Comment piece from Baroness Sue Nye, How women are falling behind in the race for apprenticeships, New Statesman 

14th February 2016 

Labour MP asked young women why they don't vote - and they were brutally honest, The Mirror

14th February 2016 

These Young Women Who Have Never Voted Should Worry Labour, BuzzFeed

1st February 2016 

The Peter Pan Generation : Why 20 something women just can’t grow up (Clock Turns Back Report covered), The Debrief

13th January 2016 

Dr Carole Easton speaking with Belinda Brown on survey findings based on YWT’s annual report ‘ Clock Turns Back for Young Women’  on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour

13th January 2016

Letter to the Editor, Dr Carole Easton re. impact of EU referendum on young Britons, The Daily Telegraph

8th December 2015

Article about YWT Advisory Panel member, Sophie, 'Superwoman' wins top award championing rights of young mothers, Watford Observer

2nd December 2015 

We have to Encourage Young Girls to Aim HighThe Pool

29th November 2015 

Young Women have more traditional views on gendered jobs than older generationsThe Daily Telegraph

25th November 2015 

Comment piece by Professor Sue Maguire, Young, Female and Economically Inactive: Why It's Important to Look Beyond 'Youth Unemployment' FiguresHuffington Post 

9th November 2015 

Female Apprentices have been working for free since October 28thBBC Newsbeat

15th October 2015 

Programme on Apprenticeships (one of our young women is featured in this programme) Low Pay Britain, Channel 4 

8th October  2015 

Comment piece by Abby McGrory (YWT trainee and Advisory Panel Member), Under 25 and Undervalued, Huffington Post