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Young women who are forced to endure sexism are 'five times more likely to suffer from clinical depression', Independent

Women's Mental Illness Is A Reaction To Oppression, Huffington Post

The concerns of young women blighted by sexism are dismissed time and again, The Times

Sophie Walker on why every woman needs to use their vote this election, Stylist

More young women than ever are identifying as 'feminist' - and I know why, Telegraph 

The majority of young women in England and Wales now identify as feminists, according to a study on Tuesday, Daily Mail

The F-word is back as most young UK women identify as feminists, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Two thirds of young women now identify as feminist, according to study, Independent

Improving the lives of women and girls, Guardian

When mothers have to choose between food and childcare, women are not being paid enough, Metro

Equal pay remains a distant dream study suggests, ITV News

Equal Pay Day 2019: Meet the women who took on unequal pay in their workplace, Independent 

When women MPs are forced to quit to stay safe, all of us suffer, Metro

Two thirds of women experience negative labels at least once a week, Daily Mail

For many women MPs, the rising tide of abuse has become too much, Independent


UK's full-time gender pay gap widens, Guardian

Standard Life Aberdeen to offer nine months of full pay for new parents, Guardian

The Gender Pay Gap Will Only Close If We Start Paying Proper Attention, Huffington Post

Single parents like me have it hard enough in austerity Britain without the stigma and ageism, Independent

Top 25: most influential charity sector leaders, Charity Times

Three-quarters of mothers now in work, figures reveal, Guardian

Anniversary of #MeToo: Sexual harassment in the workplace: 

One in four young women scared they will be sacked if they report sexual harassment, study finds, Independent

1 In 4 Women Still Fear They'd Be Fired For Reporting Sexual Harassment, Huffington Post

Despite #MeToo, one in four UK women hesitate to report work harassment, Daily Mail

World Mental Health Day:

Young women blame poor mental health on struggles with work and money, Yahoo

Anxiety, depression and OCD: women share powerful and relatable essays on mental health, Stylist

Young women face a mental health crisis caused by a sexist society, The Times

Paramedics suffering ‘epidemic’ and ‘intolerable’ levels of stress, Metro

Stop Saying Women Have A Confidence Problem – It’s An Epidemic Of Mental Illness Caused By Sexism, Huffington Post


Young Women have given up on our politics – and that's bad for all of us, Huffington Post

Young women's confidence in politicians 'nose-diving due to Brexit deadlock, Independent

By rejecting flexible working requests, employers are shooting themselves in the foot, Independent

UK working class most likely to miss out on flexible working, HR Review


Women, austerity and the spending review, Guardian

More than half of British fathers think children shouldn't be allowed to wear make-up until 16, Independent

This Is How Many Employers Are 'Unsure' About Hiring Women Who May Become Mothers, Refinery 29

Army accused of sexism over 'housewife kits', Independent

1 In 8 Employers Still Hesitate Over Hiring Women They Think Might Get Pregnant, Huffington Post

Dinosaur bosses' reluctant to hire women who may get pregnant, Sky News

7 Top Creative Industry Mentorship Schemes To Help You Find Your Perfect Mentor, Elle

John Lewis cancels 'back-to-school' make up masterclass aimed at 12-year-olds after backlash, Telegraph


10 Things British Women Want From The Next Prime Minister, Refinery 29

Labour's Second Referendum Shift Couldn't Come Sooner For Young People Like Me, Huffington Post

For young job seekers, a potential workplace needs to be woke, Guardian

Jess Phillips MP says she gets constant comments about her appearance, Independent 


One in four young mothers skips meals every day to save money, study finds, Independent 

The mothers skipping meals to feed their children, Channel 4 

We Need To Talk About Sexism In The Workplace, Refinery 29 

Working & Struggling To Make Ends Meet? You Are Not Alone, Refinery 29 

Almost half of female managers say their workplace is sexist, Independent 

Children who fidget, bully or struggle to concentrate when they are six years old 'go on to earn up to £1,000 less each year in their thirties', Daily Mail

Loneliness plagues the younger generation far more than elderly people, here's my real life story of isolation, Glamour Magazine


Most people in their 20s think #MeToo hasn't had positive impact in workplace, Independent 

The inhuman way society's most vulnerable women are treated after domestic abuse shames us all, Telegraph 

'Deplorable' Government Housing Policy Is Forcing Domestic Abuse Victims To Live With Strange Men, Report Warns, Huffington Post 

This Government housing benefit policy is separating young women from their children, iNews 

‘Lost generation’ of workers scarred by crash, The Times 

I Spent My Entire Life Savings In A Year But I'm Clawing My Way Back, Refinery 29 

Apprenticeship quango dumps ‘masculine’ words including ‘ambition’, ‘leader’ and ‘challenge' to try to appeal to women, Daily Mail 


Working-class people earn less in top jobs as report warns inequality ‘entrenched’ in Britain, Independent 


Household bills to rise in April: ‘I haven’t used my fridge since December – I’m already living day to day’, iNews

Do you have 'Brexit anxiety?' How political turmoil is having a detrimental impact on our mental health, Glamour Magazine 

Best women’s charities UK: Celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 by donating to a worthy cause, Evening Standard

My Label and Me: As a young mum I was asked whether I was doing it for the benefits - blog by former advisory panel member, Laura Davies, Metro 

Unfair share of trainee places is given to white boys, warns report, Guardian 

Tackling workplace sexism could boost economy by 35 per cent, IMF chief says, Independent 

Meet The Winners Of The ELLE UK X Young Women's Trust Awards, Elle 

'I love concrete', says woman causing stir in construction, BBC 


Single? Childless? Can't Afford To Buy A House? This Think Tank Wants You To ...,Grazia 

Inspirational youth worker wins Young Women’s Trust Award, ITV online 

Anne-Marie Curtis' March Editor's Letter: The Power Of Dreaming, Elle 


I won’t be joining today's Women’s March – and this is why, Independent 

Michelle Mitchell interview: We'll beat cancer, but it requires collaboration, Third Sector 

Zero-hours work takes huge physical and mental toll, FT 

Employers ‘continuing to treat women who have children as a burden’, People Management Magazine 

7 women in the know share the best money advice they've ever received, Stylist 

What Young Women Around The World Really Think About Brexit, Refinery 29 

Can we close the gender pay gap by banning questions on salary history?, Metro 

Young people feel more lonely than older generations, study suggests, Independent