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The gender pay gap. We talk about it. We monitor it. We write a thousand think pieces about it. But what can we actually DO about it? You have a voice. Use it.

We are calling on employers to #saywhatyoupay and disclose what a job's salary is when they advertise jobs and in job descriptions. The practice of not disclosing a salary risks ensuring that women who are already suffering a gender pay gap continue to be paid less than men as their career progresses. 

We are also calling on the Government to take action on salary transparency to ensure that employers provide salary details when publicly advertising jobs.


If you have had time out of work to care for children or have temporarily had a part time job to spend more time at home you are at a particular disadvantage. 

Women should be paid according to their skills and the work they are doing, not stuck on low pay because of entrenched gender inequality. Salary secrecy and questions about someone’s pay history perpetuate the gender pay gap. It’s time to end it.

Sign your name and tell the government to end the gender pay gap. 

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