Scarred for Life? Campaigning Toolkit

Scarred for Life InfographicWe have created a Campaigning Toolkit to enable you to help us raise awareness of the findings of our ‘Scarred for Life?’ Inquiry, including issues related to young women’s worklessness in your local area. By making contact with your local MP or councillor you can help us take these important messages to decision makers and be part of calling for the change so many young women desperately need.

Following the 2015 General Election, now is the time to try and meet your new MP, as they will be keen to tackle problems locally as well as to pick the issues they can raise awareness of nationally and champion in Parliament. There’s lots of information in the campaigning toolkit about how to do this, and even a template letter for you to personalise and send.

Help us to ensure that the Government commits to making a difference for young women, including making sure that all those who need it get a second chance instead of being written off at 18. We’ll provide all the support and help you need.