Young Women’s Manifesto

Young women know what economic justice looks like. Our manifesto is a nationwide call for change. We want to build communities that value young women and the contribution they make.

The manifesto imagines a world where young women can realise their talents and build a better world for everyone.

The manifesto focuses on 4 objectives:

  1. unlocking young women’s potential
  2. smashing career stereotypes
  3. valuing young women’s unpaid work and
  4. building equal workplaces.

It sets out the things that young women want to change, including:

  • Teaching equality as part of the school curriculum so boys respect girls from the start of primary school
  • Access to education and training opportunities that include equal numbers of apprenticeships for young women in engineering and for young men in social care
  • Removing the term ‘economically inactive’ from all government policies as a term to describe young women doing unpaid work like caring for children and family members
  • Training on how to support survivors of violence available in all workplaces
  • A childcare revolution – equal investment in care as in construction and free childcare for those in education and training

Read the manifesto [pdf download]

Darllenwch y Maniffesto Menywod Ifanc yn y Gymraeg [lawrlwythwch pdf]

A young woman speaking on stage at an event

Why we need a manifesto

“We wrote a manifesto because we know what needs to be done to make our lives truly equal, economically productive and free from boundaries – and we want to make it happen.”

Mattea, a young woman

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