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Read more about our research in blogs from young women who have taken part in our research, Professor Sue Maguire and our Research Manager, Emma McKay

Young Female & Forgotten blog series - July 2017

Chloe and Jade

'Young, Female & Forgotten: Chloe and Jade's Stories' 


Sara'Young, Female & Forgotten: Sara's Story'


'Young, Female & Forgotten: Bethany's Story' 


Chloe'Young, Female and Forgotten: Chloe's Story' 


Louise'Young, Female and Forgotten: Louise's Story' 


 Other blogs

Emma MBy Emma McKay, Research Manager at Young Women's Trust:

What have we learnt about women who are ‘economically inactive’? 7 June 2017

The Way We Talk About ‘Economically Inactive’ Women Is All Wrong, 3 June 2016 (Huffington Post)

Sue MaguireBy Professor Sue Maguire, expert in youth employment policy:

Young, Female and Forgotten? 8 Aug 2016

Young, Female and Economically Inactive: Why It’s Important to Look Beyond ‘Youth Unemployment’ Figures25 Nov 2016

More blogs

Vanessa 2Being Economically Inactive by Vanessa Simao, 21 Dec 2016