Childcare: What young women want

According to new research from Young Women's Trust childcare investment is key to equal pay after years of cuts leave young mums locked out of work and going hungry.

We're calling on political parties to put childcare that is affordable, flexible and easy to use at the heart of their manifestos.

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What young mums want is simple

We ran a survey and also asked young mums in focus groups across the country about their childcare needs:

  • High quality early years education that provides their child with the best start
  • Childcare that is available at an affordable price
  • Childcare that is flexible so they can access education and employment that will allow them to support their families
  • Easy to access and simplified information about support and how to access existing schemes

Rebalance the childcare burden

The current system of parental leave and lack of flexible working combined with the discrimination women already face in the workplace means that young mums are disproportionately burdened with the impacts of being unable to access childcare.

We’re calling on the Government to:

  • Provide three months of well-paid leave to both parents, with an additional 12 weeks to divide between parents.

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