Engaging with young women in your constituency

According to new research from Young Women's Trust 2/3 of young women say they have lost faith in politicians.

We're calling on all candidates to go the extra mile this election time: engage with young women in your constituency, listen to their concerns and help them make their voice heard.  

Confidence in politicians

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This is what young women want you to know 

We asked our Advisory Panel what parliamentary candidates need to know when they are reaching out to young women. 

  • Young women are most likely to be free on weekday evenings

  • Make it clear that young women are welcome to bring their children to any events you are running, so the cost of childcare does not prevent anyone from attending 

  • Go to where young women are. Many young women are working on zero hours contracts and may not be able to meet MPs in designated surgery hours 

  • Use social media – many young women are active online  


Politicians must build trust with young women 

Young Women’s Trust are calling on all political parties to put the needs of their constituents, including the one million young women struggling to live in low or no pay, at the heart of their manifestos. 
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Three reasons why you should engage with young women 

1) Our society needs investment in childcare  

2) Sexism is damaging young women’s mental health and must be a priority for the new government  

3) Increasing number of women identify as feminists so gender equality must be addressed

Read our election briefing for parliamentary candidates >>