Ask employers to sign our pledge

We want employers to support our campaign by making the following pledge:


“Our organisation recognises the value of gender diversity and will take action to increase the representation of young women in our apprenticeship programmes”

We want as many employers as possible to sign our pledge and put plans in place to increase the number of young women apprentices they employ. We will be bringing together groups of employers who have signed the pledge to talk about what they can do to make apprenticeship work for young women and the more employers involved the better. That’s where you come in!

You might know a business or organisation in your area who employ apprentices – perhaps they are in one of the sectors where we know not enough women are being recruited such as Construction, Engineering, IT, Plumbing or perhaps you know they already do great work in employing young women apprentices.

All you need to do is:

  1. Get a contact name and email or postal address for the organisation. This could be someone who deals with recruitment, public relations or press or it could be a general contact you already know.
  2. Next you can download our template letter here, add in their details, and send it off! Make sure you include your our own experiences (if any) or reasons why you think it’s important they sign the pledge to help to bring the letter to life.

Don’t forget to tell us who you have written to – email us at